Friday, December 26, 2008 - JON (Part 5-6)

JON (Part 5)
Straight thug transformed into naked oiled up boy-slut, legs strapped apart to expose his gaping aching pussy, begging to be assaulted.

Whatever's causing this youth to gasp and cry all the time, he's right to react this way. I bet he never thought, as he stood waiting outside that jail earlier in the day, how he'd end up.

Strapped naked to a gyno bench, while two sadists grease him up, ready for a forced man-on-man fuck session!

But who on Earth could resist that juicy and inviting cunt, he so brazenly displays the moment his muscular thighs are separated and strapped firmly apart?

(PART 6)

Tied and exposed. Anally violated, spanked, flogged, hung upside down.

Could it be that we have managed to rehabilitate Jon?

All young muscular villains need is to be stripped naked, greased up, anally probed and spanked by 2 caring older men, like me and Jake. It's called tough-love.

(2 video clip = 169.17mb)

And even if it doesn't work, at least all the boys will have lovely glowing bottoms, and loosened arseholes, at the end of the treatment, as Jon does after this session.

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