Friday, December 26, 2008 - JON (Part 5-6)

JON (Part 5)
Straight thug transformed into naked oiled up boy-slut, legs strapped apart to expose his gaping aching pussy, begging to be assaulted.

Whatever's causing this youth to gasp and cry all the time, he's right to react this way. I bet he never thought, as he stood waiting outside that jail earlier in the day, how he'd end up.

Strapped naked to a gyno bench, while two sadists grease him up, ready for a forced man-on-man fuck session!

But who on Earth could resist that juicy and inviting cunt, he so brazenly displays the moment his muscular thighs are separated and strapped firmly apart?

(PART 6)

Tied and exposed. Anally violated, spanked, flogged, hung upside down.

Could it be that we have managed to rehabilitate Jon?

All young muscular villains need is to be stripped naked, greased up, anally probed and spanked by 2 caring older men, like me and Jake. It's called tough-love.

(2 video clip = 169.17mb)

And even if it doesn't work, at least all the boys will have lovely glowing bottoms, and loosened arseholes, at the end of the treatment, as Jon does after this session. - JON (Part 3-4)

JON (Part 3)
Systematic degredation and suffering. Vibro-dildo forced anal stretching, flogging to body and testicles, leg raiser torment.

With wrists tied firmly behind his back, ankles manacled to a metal leg-spreader, and nipples mercilessly hooked to the ceiling, Jon must know that he's not in any position to fight back, whatever we choose to do to him.

The poor sucker virtually hyper-ventilates from anxiety, but then again maybe it's from having a large vibrating dildo, stuck on a pole, up his young hole, and tied so it's jammed right in him. That's enough to bring tears to the eyes.

Almost as much as then having Jake yank his foreskin vertically upwards, so he can flog the twat's now exposed ballbag. We follow this up with some rather unpleasant calf muscle torture. Or rather Jon has the choice to either torture his nipples all the more, or his legs. It's fun to watch the thicko try to decide.

(PART 4)

Bent over, vibro-pole rammed up arse, flogged red, cock and ball weight water torture.

This is the kind of punishment I would like to see doled out to jail scum like Jon.

Let's contort their handsome straight features with nasty ball gags, and leather harnesses, keep their muscular legs firmly apart with metal bars.

Then we can really have endless fun, anally assaulting the bastards and humiliating their naked genitals, right there in the town square. As an illustration of what I mean take a look at the fate of this fucking toe-rag....

( 2 video clip = 168.49MB)

Monday, October 20, 2008

MIGHTYMEN: Leo Giamani Fucked First Time

Leo Giamani gets fucked. Just for the record, shot June 24 2008, Leo claims it was his first time ever getting fucked by a guy. Leo Giamani is the "IT" porn boy of Summer 2008. If Leo plays his cards right, he could be a big star and I was fortunate enough to have him stop by MightyMen.Com at the beginning of his hopefully long career. I was fortunate enough have this hot Italian stud shoot a solo video in early June. When he was here I started prepping him to bottom for his first time. Leo (at the time) was a straight guy from Philadelphia and he had never been fucked.



Friday, October 10, 2008

MILITARY CLASSIFIED: Civilian - Joseph (Blowjob)

Joseph is very, very, very straight and he originally discussed the possibility of doing girl fuck videos because he always had an interest in being an amateur adult porn star. We chatted for a little while online until I gained his confidence and he decided to come out to Los Angeles via train to shoot a solo video. I didn’t even mention that fact that I wanted to give him a blow job or hand job but I could sort of tell that he was “open minded” because I think that any straight guy who would consent to meet another guy to jerk off to a porno for cash would need to have a pretty open mind.
A lovely cut 7 inch cock that had a beautiful brown bush and lovely soft as silk balls that hung way low. I waited until I knew he was good to go and horny when I finally took charge and grabbed him and started sucking. I could tell he loved my suck job because you start to see hips gyrate and the moaning begins. I decided to be bold and actually started to suck on his balls and usually I continue down south to his ass to see what kind of reaction I get. Joseph loved the ass munching and I started to eat his ass and well as you can see in the video he LOVED it! I then started in with the finger and I realized that Joseph was the type of straight boy who loved anal stimulation. There are surprisingly enough MANY straight boys who love that but are afraid to tell chicks they want it done. Well that was too much for Joseph to handle because I got him into such frenzy that he couldn’t control himself anymore and let a big yell as he blew his load all over the place. WOW! What a load!


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