Friday, December 26, 2008 - JON (Part 3-4)

JON (Part 3)
Systematic degredation and suffering. Vibro-dildo forced anal stretching, flogging to body and testicles, leg raiser torment.

With wrists tied firmly behind his back, ankles manacled to a metal leg-spreader, and nipples mercilessly hooked to the ceiling, Jon must know that he's not in any position to fight back, whatever we choose to do to him.

The poor sucker virtually hyper-ventilates from anxiety, but then again maybe it's from having a large vibrating dildo, stuck on a pole, up his young hole, and tied so it's jammed right in him. That's enough to bring tears to the eyes.

Almost as much as then having Jake yank his foreskin vertically upwards, so he can flog the twat's now exposed ballbag. We follow this up with some rather unpleasant calf muscle torture. Or rather Jon has the choice to either torture his nipples all the more, or his legs. It's fun to watch the thicko try to decide.

(PART 4)

Bent over, vibro-pole rammed up arse, flogged red, cock and ball weight water torture.

This is the kind of punishment I would like to see doled out to jail scum like Jon.

Let's contort their handsome straight features with nasty ball gags, and leather harnesses, keep their muscular legs firmly apart with metal bars.

Then we can really have endless fun, anally assaulting the bastards and humiliating their naked genitals, right there in the town square. As an illustration of what I mean take a look at the fate of this fucking toe-rag....

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