Friday, October 10, 2008

MILITARY CLASSIFIED: Civilian - Joseph (Blowjob)

Joseph is very, very, very straight and he originally discussed the possibility of doing girl fuck videos because he always had an interest in being an amateur adult porn star. We chatted for a little while online until I gained his confidence and he decided to come out to Los Angeles via train to shoot a solo video. I didn’t even mention that fact that I wanted to give him a blow job or hand job but I could sort of tell that he was “open minded” because I think that any straight guy who would consent to meet another guy to jerk off to a porno for cash would need to have a pretty open mind.
A lovely cut 7 inch cock that had a beautiful brown bush and lovely soft as silk balls that hung way low. I waited until I knew he was good to go and horny when I finally took charge and grabbed him and started sucking. I could tell he loved my suck job because you start to see hips gyrate and the moaning begins. I decided to be bold and actually started to suck on his balls and usually I continue down south to his ass to see what kind of reaction I get. Joseph loved the ass munching and I started to eat his ass and well as you can see in the video he LOVED it! I then started in with the finger and I realized that Joseph was the type of straight boy who loved anal stimulation. There are surprisingly enough MANY straight boys who love that but are afraid to tell chicks they want it done. Well that was too much for Joseph to handle because I got him into such frenzy that he couldn’t control himself anymore and let a big yell as he blew his load all over the place. WOW! What a load!


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