Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SEAN CODY: Ford & Boyce

Ford and Boyce were sitting on the couch. Ford's hard cock was sticking out of his pants.

"Let's get you guys undressed."

Ford stood up, pulled down his pants, and out sprang his big cock, full mast. Boyce looked at it, then looked away, then looked back.

Ford's was looking really hot. He had put on some more muscle and gotten rid of that military haircut. And he was ready to fuck.

Boyce was kind of quiet. But he always is. He just wanted something in his ass.
Before the shoot I asked him, "OK, you're straight, right?" Just wanted to check again.

"Yes," he asserted. He might be getting tired of my asking.

"So why do you think you love having something in your ass so much?" I inquired.
"I like the sensation."

"Do you think you'd like something in your mouth?" I joked.
"I don't think so. No sensation."

Unusual guy. But he does like to get fucked.

The big surprise here, though, was Ford. I don't think I've seen a "first timer" fuck with as much gusto as Ford did.

He fucked the shit out of Boyce and afterward the two of them collapsed on the couch.

"Looks like you enjoyed it," I commented, looking straight at Ford.

"Yeah," he said with a tired but satisfied smile. "Yeah I did."


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