Monday, September 22, 2008


JUDE - CIVILIAN19 / 6'1" / 165

Jude was an interesting find because I was online just doing the usual solicitations of straight guys in the chat rooms when I came across an ad that Jude had placed on a meeting site called "craigslist". I responded to his ad looking for a gay dude to blow him and we met and had a great time. The next day as I was working, I like to keep up with my competition and always check out the blogs and see what's new and wham! there he was on another webiste. So I contacted him again and propositioned him and well.. .here you go! another fine young man to deliver to my viewing audience. I used the same name he had on the other website because I really think its easier to just remember these guys by one name and not 40 others on different sites but his performance is definitely unforgettable.

I made this curious straight boy strip down to nothing and made him spread his legs and put his hands behind his head and began was turned out to be a double hitter. Yep! this boy came twice and in a row too. Ohhhh to be 19! I began licking his nut sack and all around his crotch which drove him crazy and made his cock rock hard without me even touching it. I love when that happens, it's such a turn-on. When I noticed that his cock was throbbing, I decide to put him out of his misery and start sucking on that beautiful 8 inch tool of his that was a work of art.

I licked and sucked that boy's cock with no hesitation. I could see the look on his face as he became more interested in my suck job and less interested in the pussy porn he had his eyes glued too when we started. I began picking up the pace and started deepthroating his dick which surprised him as he began to slowly penetrate my mouth as it started to feel better and better to him.

Before long I had Jude stand up and began the process of having him fuck my face which I know feels a hell of alot better from that position than it does from just laying there. He got totally into it and began girating and sliding his dick in and out of my mouth. It simulates the fucking position and shows us all how that boy would fuck in that situation.
Now typically I can control when a straight dude nuts but when they are as quiet as Jude was... well sometimes things happen. Yep! he nutted sooner than I had expected and we definitely had a money shot that wasn't the best I've delivered to you guys but.. nevertheless, I saved the situation because as usual with young guys, they can nut more than once and even sometimes in a row.

Jude was just like that kinda dude, like a walking hard-on, this guy didn't even go limp and I sat him down on the bench in my bedroom and began sucking him off straight away and Jude responded like any horny 19 year old who's getting his dick sucked by an expert.... he delivered another nut of course! A hell of alot better than the one he delivered first so enjoy guys and I made it up to you on his second round.


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